Members Minutes



OPEN: With 28 members present President Darryl declared meeting open at 9-40am.


APOLOGIES: Ron Stahmer, Colin Mohr, Arthur Butterworth, Ian Fryer, Brian Mooney, Ian Sykes and Byron Vollbon.


MINUTES: Minutes of AGM and 423rd General meeting held 6th March 2019 were taken as read having been approved at meeting 3rd April 2019. Bill Nott moved minutes of General meeting held 5th February 2020, be approved seconded Jeff Cruise. Carried. 


CORRESPONDENCE: PSPL email 5 January advising of proposed new Labrador  Probus Club and interest meeting to be held 18 March. Some members will be attending. Advice from GC&NR Probus Association advising next Information Day will be 22 May at Nerang RSL.

Letter from Darryl Parker 4 March 2020 received. Also undated Open Letter received from Chris Hepden distributed to members present.


TREASURERS REPORT Tony Ehlefeldt presented his report showing a credit balance of $4,444.80 as at 21st February 2020. To date 30 members have renewed their subs for 2020. Tony advised we are in good financial position and especially thanked Charlie Peters for his ongoing efforts that raise $600 to $700 each year. Tony moved his report be accepted, seconded by Murray Stewart. Carried.


SOCIAL SECRETARY AND WELFARE:  No reports available.


ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS: Patron Ken Laws presided over election for 2020. Results were: President Ian Murphy, Bill Nott Secretary, Tony Ehlefeldt Treasurer, Committee Members Colin Mohr, George Bagajluk, Charles Peters, Jeffrey Cruise and Brian Mooney. Ken congratulated all elected and presented Ian with his Badge of Office.

Following Ian’s investiture he addressed the meeting and confirmed at the last Committee Meeting after discussing ways to improve our membership numbers it was mentioned that we may even have to look at becoming a Combined club. No decision could be made by the Committee on this matter other than putting this matter to the general membership at a later date if at all. A concerted effort by all members to find new male members would be the best possible outcome.

Note: Additional 2 or 3 Committee Members required. President Ian will be contacting potential candidates.


BANK SIGNATORIES: With Immediate effect any two of the following may sign jointly on behalf of the Southport Probus Club. Ian Murphy (President), Bill Nott (Secretary) and Tony Ehlefeldt (Treasurer).


GUEST SPEAKER: Today’s speaker Sam O’Connor state MP gave a talk on some of the developments affecting the Gold Coast. He especially mentioned the passing of legislation relating to retaining “The Spit” as a public space with plans for an area similar to “South Bank”. Following a very interesting talk Murray Stewart thanked Sam for his presentation on behalf of members and in particular for his arranging our visit last year to Parliament House. Murray is still waiting to find out the supplier of Sausages to Parliament House.



April speaker will be Bruce Paige, Channel 9. May Rob Paterson on Fire Safety, June Greg Turner from Volunteer Marine Rescue.


FINES: Charlie Peters again worked his magic in extracting excess funds from members.


SCRATCHIES: Winners: George Mathews, Greg Riding, Ian Murphy, Bill Smith, Chris Hepden, Bob Akes, Andrew Geddes, Neville Perrett, Murray Stewart and Chris Ball.


OTHER BUSINESS: Patron Ken Laws and his wife Lorraine will be celebrating their 60th Wedding anniversary later this month. On behalf of members congratulations