Invitation to enhance your retirement and join our Club

Dear retired gentlemen,

Our Probus Club is on a mission to increase our membership from forty to sixty. We are a great mens social club: the second oldest in Queensland and the fifth established in Australia. Next year we will be celebrating our fortieth anniversary.

Our meetings are held at the Parkwood Tavern on the first Wednesday of each month : 9.00am for 9.30am start, finishing at 11.30am. Outside of meetings our partners are included in all monthly social activity.

Please contact me, or Vice President Brian Mooney (0406 455 621), to find out more.

Yours sincerely

Darryl Parker
( Home 55140902)

PROBUS IS AN ASSOCIATION for active members of the community and for those no longer working full time to join together in clubs for a new lease of life.

Its basic purpose is to advance intellectual and cultural interests amongst adult persons, to provide regular opportunities to progress healthy minds and active bodies, through social interaction and activities, expand interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

Membership is open to any member of the community who is retired, semi-retired or no longer working full time and looking for the friendship, fellowship and fun PROBUS has to offer.

Membership provides access to the Probus Member Benefits Scheme that offers exclusive discounts from a range of partners on travel, including travel Insurance plans, accommodation, finance and lifestyle.